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Hogia one of Microsoft's oldest customers, but still one of its most innovative

News   •   Jun 01, 2015 16:18 GMT

IT company Hogia was founded in 1980 and became Microsoft's first partner in Europe. 35 years later, the company has nearly 600 employees and a turnover of SEK 500 million. Hogia is now investing 500m SEK developing technology for its cloud based platform, and once again the collaboration with Microsoft intensifies, mainly relating to issues of storage and security. Hogia is one of Microsoft's oldest customers but still one of its most innovative.

”That Hogia is celebrating its 35th anniversary is impressive in a world that is changing so quickly, and a testament to its management. Hogia was one of Microsoft’s clients before we even had an office open in Sweden. That they were one of the first customers is great, but even better is that we’re still working with Hogia and contributing to their development.”Jonas Persson, CEO Microsoft Sweden.

“The collaboration with Microsoft has enabled us over the years to always ensure high quality in our product range, despite the rapid development of technology.”Bert-Inge Hogsved, founder and CEO Hogia.

Hogia has a broad product range covering Accounting, HR administration and Transport systems. More and more, customers are looking for cloud-based services where the responsibility for the storage, software updates and maintenance are based with the supplier. Flexibility and availability are becoming increasingly important.

“For us as a supplier, this gives us a huge technological advantage. We have a central operating and development environment for all of our products, resulting in greater efficiency and safety.”Markus Hogsved, operations manager for Hogia Infrastructure Products.

Hogia’s technological development has always been based on a standardised system, with open interfaces that allow integration with other systems. Therefore, the new cloud based platform is composed of standard components that can be combined for different needs.

”Because of the breadth of our activities and our presence in many diverse industries, it is now much easier than before to develop industry-specific solutions. For us this is an important competitive advantage.”Markus Hogsved.

How does the future look? Will all systems be able to be moved to the cloud?

For a long time we will continue to develop our core products, but increasingly, new functionalities will be handled through harmonised cloud based services. This will enable us, in a far better way, to offer our customers support for flexibility, platform independence, security and high availability.” Markus Hogsved.

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