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Start of the new documentary series The Entrepreneurs

Press Release   •   Jun 05, 2015 10:29 GMT

The first episode of the documentary series Entreprenörerna (The Entrepreneurs) has been aired. The series aims to present a broader and more nuanced picture of entrepreneurship. Each episode presents an entrepreneur. In the first episode we meet Bert-Inge Hogsved, founder and CEO of the IT company Hogia.

Bert-Inge founded Hogia in 1980. After an initial few years of rapid growth, the company hit a crisis.

“The first seven years were like a dream. Everything was running so smoothly. Then we went through three very tough years. Things had just been going too well, and we had become complacent," he says.

Early in 1991, Bert-Inge succeeded in turning the negative trend around through a highly publicised company split. The company was divided into six subsidiaries headed by a parent company. Only a couple of months after the split, business picked up and the company has never made a loss since.

"We had brought back our small-scale approach, which rekindled our employees' enterprising spirit and motivation. This experience taught us that the simple mechanisms of visibility, clarity and defined responsibility are a fabulous recipe for success," says Bert-Inge.

Today the Hogia group has 27 companies, 575 employees in Scandinavia and the UK and sales of half a billion SEK.

Entreprenörerna is a documentary series produced by Founders Alliance, an independent network which works to promote more enterprise in Sweden. The series has five episodes. The next four episodes will be aired during the summer.

Watch the first episode of The Entrepreneurs

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